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The Terpsichore Greek Dance Society was founded by Andrie Yakoumetti of Darwin College in 1999. The society’s purpose is to offer lessons in traditional and modern Greek dance at both advanced and novice levels. On some occasions, performances are organised in order to introduce Greek dance to a wider audience but the main aim of the group is to have fun. The group is a non-profit organisation with no political or religious affiliation and the classes are open to everyone.


Our present teacher is a professional instructor and offers classes in London and Oxford as well as in Cambridge.


Come and dance!


New members are always welcome and we start each term at the beginners’ level with new dances.


Classes are 25 per term for students or 35 a term for those who have a wage, (these fees are purely to bring the teacher from London). Kind grants from the university, from Darwin College, and from businesses in Cambridge often allow us to hold additional classes at no extra charge. At the start of each term, new members can come for trial classes at 3 (just to see if you like it!).

Please request to be added to the mailing list by e-mailing:

This will ensure that you are always notified when the classes are running.


Terpsichore Greek Dancing Society