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My View of Greek Dancing

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Why should you join our classes?

Would you like to meet new people in Cambridge? Perhaps you feel that you should exercise but cannot drag yourself to the gym? Alternatively, you may simply wish to try something different. Greek dancing is, in my opinion, the perfect dancing form since it offers a variety of different styles. It can be danced in large cirles of people, in lines, in threes and in couples. In addition, there is usually a story behind each dance that makes it even more interesting. There are fast and slower dances that are clearly very different in style. Every once in a while (once or twice a year) there is the option to be included in a performance but it is optional and this gives everyone the opportunity to wear a costume if they so desire. It is easy to say: 'I do not wish to be in the performance,' but it is a nice experience and it does bring the group together.

When the class is over for the week, it is common practice for everyone to go out for a meal or drink and so the group is very close outside classes too. The dancing becomes particularly useful at Greek nights which are held throughout the year. For advance knowledge of such events, feel free to contact the Cambridge University Hellenic or Cypriot Societies.

Finally, I will add that the times that I spend with this group are the best ones and I always look forward to the new term. The shyness and fear leave you once you get started: this is coming from the person who was the shyest of all. Now it is Greek dancing that keeps me alive.