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NOTICE: Sites listed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Terpsichore website author or that of his collegues.

This site is a calendar of Greek events that have passed and those that are to come. Most events featured in the site are within London.


Welcome to the  AUSGREEK  NETWORK
Our network is dedicated to delivering updated 
information and to serve the Australian community,
and the 6 Million Greeks who live abroad.


GreekCity.Au Dating Service

Use this site to meet new and exciting people for friendship or more.
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A very useful site that features information about Greek dancing, instruments, Greek dancing costumes, recordings and more.

This site allows you to find out about Greek events in London (including music and concerts). It also has links to cafes, bars, restaurants, shopping, travel and more.


A Greek publication that features information about Greece, the Greek islands and includes much about the Greek culture in general.

Greek Paths

Greek Paths is a tour planning company situated in northern Greece. Greek Paths can offer full planning for your vacation from excursions, hotels, experiences to flights.

Northern Greece offers a unique experience to all travellers, whether you are looking to indulge in a rich culture, try some new sports or simply worship the Mediterranean sun. It is untouched by modern tourism trends, it allows you the chance to meet authentic Greece, her people, her culture and even her rich language.

Greek Space

Greek Space provides information, such as upcoming events, exhibitions and links, as well as a forum, for the Greek community in the UK. We also hope the site will be of interest to Greeks worldwide as well as anyone interested in Hellenic affairs.

An extensive selection of Greek song lyrics - written in Greek letters. his is the largest database of greek song lyrics that I have been able to find so far.

This site sells a number of language courses, including Greek, that use a word association technique. This has been scientifically proven to help people remember because it creates more neural pathways in the brain - than would be if you simply learnt words by rota.


The Orpheus Hellenic Folklore Society promotes the history and traditions of Greek folk dances, songs, and music. Orpheus educates its members and audiences through dance and music performances, workshops, lectures, publications, and its website.

The Pozzaro website features photos from clubs around Cyprus so is definitely worth visiting. I miss Cyprus...

The Spartans Greek Music Band

This site includes a link to 'The Spartans Greek Music Band'. below is the portfolio of one of the band's members. Areas of interest include a sketchbook and several videos as well as the link to the band. Please click the link entitled 'Theo Sarafis Portfolio' to see the portfolio site for yourself.

Terpsichore - The Cambridge University Terpsichore Site

Theo Sarafis Portfolio

The portfolio of Theo Sarafis that includes his sketchbook, cartoons and studies. To find out more, please visit it yourself.

Trehantiri Music Shop

The Trehantiri Music Shop is situated in London and has a good collection of Greek music, karaoke, films, sheet music and instruments (including bouzoukis). It is one of the few shops to offer a good selection of bouzoukis that are brought in from Greece.


On this page you'll find links with Greece, information about modern greek language, traditional dance, greek culture, addresses of Greece in Paris and... cats. For the French version of the Trigmos page, please click here.